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Tips to Reduce the Re-occurrence of Eczema

Updated: May 1

Eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin condition. It is often identified by dry skin with the appearance of scaly red blotches causing itching and tingling. These red blotches occur most often near the flex or muscles. The most common type of eczema is called atopic dermatitis which is often associated with direct or indirect contact/reaction to an allergen.

Many people prone to eczema are also often prone to food and seasonal allergies.

The specific causes of eczema remain unknown. It is believed to develop due to a combination of hereditary and environmental factors. Atopic dermatitis occurs when the skin is directly or indirectly exposed to irritants and allergens such as soaps, house dust mites, deodorants, detergents, certain fabrics (wool), etc. Most people whom have suffered from eczema found chronic symptoms persist when the skin is dry or subjected to dry climates. Arid environments, excessive sweating or even stress may exacerbate the symptoms. If the protective barrier of the skin is damaged the skin loses its moisture. The skin dries out and becomes more vulnerable to environmental aggressions.

Try the following to prevent the symptoms of eczema:

  1. Avoid aggressive and irritating cleansers. Wash your face using a gentle, soothing and non‐irritating cleanser such as GOGE Lifestyle’s Purifying Foaming Cleanser. This will help rid the skin of all impurities while still protecting.

  2. Immediately relieve the irritation and itching. To avoid aggravating the symptoms of eczema; soothe itching and irritation with GOGE Lifestyle’s Sensitive Skin Cream. Rich in nourishing and soothing organic ingredients, this cream helps reduce the appearance of redness and immediately relieves itching caused by dry skin. The formula is composed of antioxidant vitamins; prebiotics and regenerative plant extracts that help strengthen the skin's natural protective barrier and preserve its moisture.

  3. Take a bath to allow moisture back into the skin. For people dealing with the stress of everyday life, use a bath oil containing relaxing and tension releasing therapeutic essential oils. Pat dry and apply GOGE Lifestyle’s Regenerating Age-Defying Oil on damp skin. Rich in soothing, antioxidant and restructuring ingredients, this treatment improves the flexibility and elasticity of the skin to bring more comfort and a feeling of well-being.

  4. Deeply Hydrate the Skin On the Face: Use face creams which are suitable for sensitive skin and rich in moisturizing ingredients. To deeply repair and maximize hydration of the skin: Add oil before applying skin cream.

  5. Use a humidifier to regulate dry air. Maintain an ideal humidity level of around 50%.

  6. Wash your clothes using a detergent specifically adapted for sensitive skin in order to limit any reaction to irritants.

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